Paint Stores and Sundries

3M Company
Contact Name: Rob Jones
Phone: 651-335-0874
Geographic Market: Oregon
Type of Work / Products: Masking tape, masking systems, abrasives technology and safety products.
Benjamin Moore Paint
Contact Name: Neil Barnett
Phone: 503-530-6315
Geographic Market: Oregon
Contact Name: Dennis Reeves
Phone: (503) 572-7234
Geographic Market: Portland and Southwest Washington
Type of Work / Products: Aerial lifts, boom lifts, scissor lifts and industrial rough terrain forklifts
Contact Name: Lou Boss and Jeff Boss
Phone: 503-654-1600
Geographic Market: Oregon
Contact Name: Tony Viskov
Phone: xxx-xxx-xxxx
Geographic Market: Oregon
Linc Sales
Contact Name: Doug Lumbard, Steve Lumbard, Dave Ehrlich,
Phone: 971-219-8182
Type of Work / Products: Manufacturers representative whose products include Hyde, Werner Ladders, PPG, Tower Sealants, Shurline and Kleen Strip
Marten Associates
Contact Name: Brandon Marten
Phone: 360-798-6522
Type of Work / Products: As a Manufacturer’s Representative, Marten Associates provides outsourced local sales representation for some of the top sundry brands in the industry with a focus on selling products to the top professional paints stores in the market.
Contact Name: David Schaleger
Phone: 503-289-0047
Geographic Market: Oregon
Contact Name: Tim Doolittle
Phone: 503-233-4491
Geographic Market: Oregon
Contact Name: Ralph Kettlety
Phone: 503-620-7522
Geographic Market: Oregon
Contact Name: Jim Stephens
Phone: 503-775-3642
Geographic Market: Oregon
Contact Name: Bruce Schneider
Phone: 503-286-8217
Rodda Paint Company
Contact Name: Dan Kinon
Phone: 503-233-6016
Contact Name: Bill Huss NACE Certified Coating Inspector – Level 2 Cert. No. 37445
Phone: 503-702-2276
Sashco, Inc.
Contact Name: Charles Hunter
Phone: 303-981-8847
Type of Work / Products: Sashco, Inc. is a high performance sealant manufacturer. Their products include Big Stretch, Level, Through the Roof!, MorFlexx, Slab and eXact Color.
Contact Name: Gregg Hubert
Phone: 503-288-6477
ShurTech Brands LLC
Contact Name: Enrique Gutierrez
Phone: 440-937-7000
Type of Work / Products: We are an industry-leading manufacturer and marketer of adhesive tape and consumer home and office products, with facilities in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Mexico, Peru, United Arab Emirates and China. Together, our subsidiaries serve numerous markets, including industrial/MRO, building and construction, packaging, electrical, stucco, HVAC, professional paint, automotive, marine, aerospace, arts and entertainment, graphic arts, sound control, medical, DIY, home and office, and retail.

In addition to specialty adhesive solutions, we offer products under recognizable brand names such as Duck®, FrogTape®, Painter’s Mate®, Shurtape®, T-REX®, and Kip®.
Contact Name: Shari Steber
Phone: 503-232-1705
Contact Name: Dave McClellan
Phone: 360-921-2206