PDCA Portland 

 Chapter Meeting


“The M.A.P. to Full Potential”


presented by 


Aaron Crowley


Tuesday, April 17, 2018

4:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Widmer Brothers Brewing

Special Guest:  Steve Skodak

 Executive Director

PDCA National

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Benjamin Moore & Co. 

for being a valued sponsor of this event!

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The M.A.P. to Full Potential

This workshop challenges common owner belief systems and explains the 3 most powerful assets an owner can acquire.  It encourages owners to not settle for where they are, but instead to pursue their full potential and to persevere until it is realized.

1.     Mindset: 

What owners believe about themselves and their employees ultimately determines if their company will reach its full potential.  Whether it is the ability to take necessary risks or delegate critical work to staff, the mindset owners hold to either enables growth or stifles it.

2.     Assets: 

The 3 most valuable assets an owner can put to use in their business are not listed on the balance sheet.  They are Company Vision, Order thru PROcess and Incentive Plans.  These assets leverage and unleash the full potential of your employees, enabling them to contribute.

3.     Persistence:

Pursuing and achieving full potential requires an unwavering resolve and commitment to the pursuit because its HARD!  There will be moments where old mindsets creep in and the temptation to compromise the vision will be great, so persistence is key!

Aaron Crowley has worked in the granite counter industry for 24 years, the last 19 years as the owner of Crowley’s Granite Concepts, an 11-time Angie’s List super-service award winning stone shop.

Aaron is an inventor and a creator.  He has designed a line of stone-fabrication safety gear and invented two patented pieces of stone working equipment.  Both have developed into full-fledged companies: FabricatorsFriend.com and The No Lift Install System.

He is also the author of the book Less Chaos More Cash and over 70 articles on business management printed in numerous stone industry publications.

Aaron and his wife, Heather, are raising their six children at home on a farm in the Willamette Valley.

Earn CCB Continuing Education Credit!

This course is approved for 1 credit hour of commercial/residential continuing education Series A credit for both members and non-members.  The PDCA Portland Chapter is responsible for the content of this course.
Includes a Buffet Dinner!
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  • $62 for Non-Chapter Members
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