PDCA sets the Standards:

As the primary trade association for the painting industry, PDCA sets the industry standards for the painting industry. These standards are used throughout the industry to provide the guidelines and requirements for specific applications, surfaces, coatings products and application procedures.

Introduction to the PDCA Standards The most important function of an association is to establish industry standards. Defining what constitutes the proper way of doing things and communicating those standards removes the “veil of secrecy” that so often exists between an industry and the public. When the terms by which an industry’s members communicate with the public and each other are clear to consumers, chances for confusion and disagreements are greatly reduced.

PDCA seeks to make the painting and decorating industry less opaque both to those who work within it and to those who invest in its services. Standards are organized into seven sections: (1) scope, (2) significance and use, (3) reference documents and standards, (4) definitions, (5) standard specification, (6) comments, and (7) disclaimer of liability. They cover a range of issues that often become the subject of misunderstandings or contract disputes and provide guidance for both the contractor and the layman.

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