Photo: Sundeleaf Painting

Hire a Professional Painting Contractor

Hiring Checklist:


How to Hire a Contractor brochure.  Click above to download.

____   Check licensing, insurance and bonding.
This is really important! To protect yourself hire a professional painting contractor that is licensed through the Oregon Construction Contractor’s Board.   Please check with the Oregon Construction Contactors board. ( Make sure the contractors bidding your job are licensed, insured, paying workers comp if required, and that their contact information matches the information they gave to you. Also, on the Oregon Construction Contractor Board web site, check for any disputes, consumer complaints or fines that have been assessed against them.  Be a good consumer and protect yourself.

____  Get a contract in writing.
Please make sure all the work is spelled out and that you understand what it to be done, how it is to be done, what it will look like, when the work will be complete and how much it is going to cost.

____  Agree on money.
Make sure you are aware of how much is due immediately and how much is due when the job is done. Ask about any potential “added charges” upfront so there are no surprises.

____ Ask for a PCA member.
Members of the Painting Contractors Association Portland Chapter are some of the top painters in our area. They focus on education, training and understanding customer needs. With the power of the largest painting trade organization behind them, they have the unique knowledge to meet or exceed painting industry standards. In fact, the PCA sets the Standards for painting throughout the country.

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Photo: Sundeleaf Painting

Compare Contractor Quotes:

You’ve heard the common term comparing “apples to apples.” When it comes to hiring a professional painting contractor make sure that the contractors bidding your job are all working with the same specifications and paint brands of similar quality. Also make sure that the preparation work is completely covered in your project quote.
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