Hire PDCA Painters

The Sign of a Professional Contractor

As a consumer you have a right to hire a painting contractor who has the knowledge to guide you through your project. Look for a contractor who understands the characteristics of various surfaces and the type of preparation required to avoid paint failures. It’s also important for your contractor to understand the types of painting and coatings that work on different surfaces. There are environmental factors as well. Your painting contractor needs to know the legal requirements for handling possible hazardous waste as well as ways to use environmentally friendly products. Safety must be your painting contractor’s highest priority. They must have current licensing and knowledge of OSHA requirements for ladders, lifts, odors, and waste disposal.

Hire professional painting contractors. Ask for a PDCA member painting contractor on your next residential, commercial or industrial painting project. A PDCA member contractor invests their time and money to take classes, attend seminars and keep ahead of the trends, technology and safety issues. A PDCA contractor demonstrates a desire to be the best in the industry. Look for the PDCA logo on your next project quote, it’s the sign of a professional painter. •  Residential •  Commercial and Industrial •  Hire a Professional

When hiring a painting contractor check their licensing and business status with the Oregon Construction Contractors Board (CCB)